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Right To Appraisal

If an insurance company and its insured do not agree on the amount of the loss, either may demand an appraisal. In this event, each party selects an appraiser to evaluate and declare separately the actual cash value of the loss. If the appraisers fail to agree, they submit their differences to a neutral and disinterested umpire chosen by them.

With a long track record of success, we have the judgment and experience to represent you in this proven and cost-effective method to settle disputes.

We work closely with insurer and insured, as well as their representatives, to quickly resolve cases to the mutual satisfaction of all involved.

Our expert knowledge of vehicles and their market values makes us effective and pragmatic negotiators, able to find common ground under the most contentious circumstances. Through our experience serving as the neutral third party in these proceedings, we thoroughly understand the frame of mind of the umpire.

Ordinary appraisers might not fully understand the ins and outs of Claim Resolution Arbitration, but we handle them routinely.

Most important, our evaluation won’t fall apart under fire…the last thing you want at this stage.

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