About Appraisal Express

When Appraisal Express started back in 1975, we already had years of automotive experience under our belts.

Since then, Appraisal Express has helped every major insurance company in the nation with difficult to determine evaluations. Famous celebrities and Las Vegas casinos have come to us to appraise their cars. Not only are we licensed insurance adjusters and certified under California’s Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations, but courts have appointed us to preside over disputes as a neutral arbitrator. Appraisal Express is the only physical damage appraisal company contracted to work for the State of California.

The company reflects the same deep commitment and appreciation for the automobile. We believe that every car, truck, RV and motorcycle is special.

Some, however, are more special than others. The exotics. The customs. The long gone total losses you can't see. Even that '72 Plymouth Duster whose owner calls it "Betty."

These are the ones that can give you headaches. And those giant automotive appraisal factories simply aren't set up to make those headaches go away.

We do. Every day, we carefully and thoroughly investigate damages and total losses to ensure the owner is compensated to the exact amount due.

That saves you money. Even more important, it saves you time. And the sooner you call us when one of these special cases pops up, the more time you'll save.

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