Finally, We're the Last Word In Evaluations

Appraisal Express has handled cases for virtually every insurance company in America, as well as for attorneys, financial institutions, government regulatory agencies and collectors. We're a trusted expert witness in court cases related to physical damage claims and value disputes. So for cars, trucks, motorcycles, heavy equipment or motor homes, Appraisal Express is the key to a painless resolution.

First, We're Not Just An Appraisal Company

Since 1975, we've assisted companies like yours as a claims consultant. While appraisal "factories" offer the hasty evaluation and ACV, we take the time to actually research the value. Which means we'll stand behind our evaluation from the appraisal clause right to the Supreme Court, if we have to. In fact, our role becomes more important as the claim becomes more complex.

Second, We Know Cars Like Nobody's Business

You don't go to the family doctor when you need surgery. We're specialists, licensed adjusters...automobile aficionados. Which is vital when the claim involves exotics, collectibles, salvage cars, gray market cars or the invisible cars in un-recovered loss claims. These are situations where good information is vital and where information can only be as good as the questions you ask. So next time, let us ask them.

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